Evelyn’s has been serving local favorites for over 40 years!
We strive for a clean, comfortable and relaxed family atmosphere where the food and our guests are our priority.

 Evelyn’s serves homemade favorites such as Rhode Island chowder and clam cakes, lobster rolls, fried whole belly clams, and of course the famous lobster chow mein, a Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives favorite!  Not a seafood fan?  We also serve homemade chicken pie, chourico & peppers, burgers and more!  Bring the kids too!  Our children’s menu has many choices and activities to keep them happy.

You can order at the take-out window and enjoy your meal at the covered picnic table area overlooking Nanaquaket Pond, or we invite you to sit on the waterfront patio under the umbrellas & be served by our friendly staff (when it's too hot we have an air-conditioned dining room).  While dining inside you will be able to enjoy our daily specials, and full bar including specialty cocktails such as our Mamma Mia Margarita or Lime Basil Martini.

Located steps from Nanaquaket Pond you can enjoy the sunshine during the day or catch the Sakonnet Sunset in the evening. Boaters welcome! Our dock is available so come on over. A peace pole has been place in the garden overlooking the water. There are 200,00 of them around the world with “May Peace Prevail on Earth" in 4 languages.

Evelyn's Bio Bug

Evelyn’s Drive-In is proud to announce the BIOBUG, a diesel VW Bug powered by clam cakes and their partnership with Newport Biodiesel.  Evelyn’s Drive-In has been famous for their fried seafood fare since 1969, and now there is a great use for their used oil!  Newport Biodiesel picks up the used fry oil, processes it, and then fills the BIOBUG with biodiesel.  The BIOBUG is driven by Jane Bitto, co-owner of Evelyn’s, and it has been wrapped with advertising from Evelyn’s and Newport Biodiesel, with a special message to consumers saying “BIOBUG powered by clam cakes… what can you do?” With the BIOBUG, Evelyn’s is hoping to get people to think about what steps they can take to reduce their impact and raise their awareness of the state of our planet.

In 2010, Evelyn’s recycled 27,000 lbs of fry oil.  Biodiesel, the fuel that Newport Biodiesel makes from recycled fry oil can be used in any diesel engine or heating oil furnace without modification says Myles Standish, a managing partner at Newport Biodiesel. Recently, Newport Biodiesel produced its 1,000,000th gallon of Biodiesel, a number that means 200 petroleum trucks did not have to bring traditional fuel into Rhode Island. Newport Biodiesels mission to “Fuel a greener New England” is aided by great partnerships such as the one with Evelyn’s.

Our Parters

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